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Issue Articles — In The Spirit

In the Spirit: Alex Siler at Primitivo

“When I first came to New Orleans, we were doing a lot of busking just to pass the time. That was in 2007. It was mostly for fun—we had jobs […]

In the Spirit: Lisa Nguyen at Seaworthy

“I’m from New Orleans and I met King Louie [Bankston] when I was 24. I was dating a friend of his at the time, and he was such a crazy […]

Craig Seaman at Bar Frances

“It’s fun to think about a person as an influence as opposed to a spirit or a style of drink. Helen Gillet, I’ve seen her perform a bunch. She’s one […]

Adam Orzechowski/Trinity

“Most of my cocktails have a person in mind, in the background, but I’ve never created a cocktail for a musician before. This cocktail came about by me just playing […]

Justin Gehrmann at Kingfish

“For this drink, I went with Buckwheat Zydeco. I love that front porch music. That sit­-down, laid­-back toe tapping. Naturally, I named my drink after something to do with the […]

Richard Odell at Tujague’s

Richard Odell, bartender (RO): I’m Richard. Marc Paradis, musician (MP): That’s my middle name! RO: Dick in the middle. Got it. [laughs] Well, come on back here. Just remember that […]

Isaiah Estell at Cavan

“I was going for something almost cartoonishly French. Calling it Cartoonishly French also crossed my mind, but I think the Royal Garden Sour fits better. Sidney Bechet’s ‘Royal Garden Blues’ was […]

Chris McMillian at Revel

“I’ve always looked for music for the bars I’ve worked in. Stumbled across Nellie Lutcher and she was one of the first black crossover artists in the 1940s—on Capitol Records […]

Darrin Ylisto at Sylvain

“I picked Ryan [Scully] for this cocktail because when I moved to New Orleans in 2003, I lived Uptown and he was friends with people that I became friends with, […]

Anna Mangiardi at Cosimo’s

This is the 32nd installment in our cocktail series In the Spirit, featuring local bartenders who create drinks in honor of Louisiana musicians. This month, we put fancy mixology aside […]