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Sexual Impropriety: Katie Sikora’s photography explores gender-based discrimination.

“Open secret.” That phrase lingered in headlines, on social media platforms and over dinner tables after producer Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company last month amid allegations he’d […]

Gold Standard: Saffron NOLA brings upscale Indian cuisine to Magazine Street

The large, high-ceilinged dining space at 4128 Magazine Street has had ax rough few years. As Baie Rouge, it struggled to fill its perhaps overly open floor plan. When Chef […]

The Fried Chicken Festival returns with more space, more vendors and more music

Scoff all you like about the deluge of new festivals popping up all over town these days. Whether it was the general conceptual appeal of a day-long fried chicken celebration […]

Brad Walker, “ep1” (Independent)

It’s been a few years since saxophonist Brad Walker—whose work with Sturgill Simpson and a slew of New Orleans funk and jazz acts kept him busy for much of 2016—went […]

Wonder Women: Women of Note exhibit opens at the Old U.S. Mint

David Kunian, Music Curator of the New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Old U.S. Mint, places a Billie and DeDe Pierce 45-rpm record circa 1978 on a tall stack of […]

The Monocle (Aurora Nealand), “KindHumanKind” (Independent)

The stunning first album from Aurora Nealand’s solo, art pop–driven Monocle project opens with a somber series of bells tolling, interspersed with angsty snippets of sound that feel cinematic—a call […]

Tom McDermott, “Five Lines No Waiting: Limericks & Sketches” (Sagging Shorts)

In his work as a composer and pianist, Tom McDermott has held a long fascination with the rag, a song structure popularized in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As […]

Life Is a Rap Cabaret: Boyfriend celebrates self-awareness and self-acceptance

BOYFRIEND: SUNDAY, APRIL 30—GENTILLY STAGE, 12:45 P.M.   When Beyoncé’s Lemonade came out, Boyfriend—New Orleans’ bespectacled, lingerie, robe and hair rollers–clad “rap cabaret” artist—overheard a conversation about the groundbreaking album […]

Soulful Tenor: Charlie Gabriel and Friends debuts at Jazz Fest

CHARLIE GABRIEL AND FRIENDS: THURSDAY, MAY 4—ECONOMY HALL STAGE, 2:55 P.M.   On a recent Tuesday evening in March, a teenage girl squeezed herself into a spot on the floor […]

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, “So It Is” (Legacy Recordings)

Under Ben Jaffe’s leadership, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has spent much of the past decade redrawing the boundaries of traditional New Orleans jazz. Four years ago, the band released […]