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Regina Carter: Following Threads

Perhaps you were wowed when violinist Regina Carter put some modern twists on swing jazz—and swing twists on modern jazz—in her 2003 set in the Jazz Tent. Maybe your jaw dropped if you watched her show her vast range in a 2006 evening show with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra at Tulane. Then there’s her recording [...]

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Voodoo Experience Highlight: Los Angeles Bands

She had to leave Los Angeles / sippin’ on gin and juice / it’s the story of my life / just work the angles the city I’m from is Los Angeles.   A boy can dream, can’t he? It’s just so tantalizing, the thought of an L.A.-in-LA extravaganza at Voodoo in which four iconic Angeleno [...]

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Amédé Ardoin, Mama, I’ll Be Long Gone: The Complete Recordings of Amédé Ardoin (Tompkins Square Records)

There’s some deep irony in the title. Anyone up on the Cajun-Creole music scene of Southwest Louisiana knows that these sounds, recorded between 1929 and 1934, are anything but gone, long or otherwise. This is the bedrock material of those interwoven woven cultures and collected together in one place for the first time—34 songs on [...]

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Mac’s Tracks: A Guide to the Dr. John Discography

It’s pretty simple. The place to start with Dr. John is where he started—before he was Dr. John, before he was the Night Tripper, before he was known as a piano player and singer (and before he even got credited on recordings for which he’d been a key contributor). Of course, if you can find [...]

The Missing Mix

Peer Munck is no Mark Sanford, but he does a good mea culpa. Munck, whose Chicago-based company MunckMix produces the JazzFest Live series of recordings from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival each year, addressed a series of complaints that have mounted this year with a simple “I screwed up.” Since 2004, the ambitious [...]

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Beth McKee, I’m That Way (

The ladies love Bobby Charles. McKee, ex-Evangeline and ex-Mid City, devotes this album entirely to his songs, and Shannon McNally has her own similar project on the way. Maybe Bobby’s become the Louisiana Leonard Cohen, but where with Cohen the women who have taken on his catalog tend to dig for the poetic feminine aspect [...]

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Booker T.

Getting ready for his Jazz Fest appearance with Drive-By Truckers as his backing band, Booker T. Jones is thinking back to his first time in New Orleans. It was in 1962. He was just a teen prodigy then, still in high school, his Hammond B3 organ playing having just reached the public’s ear via his [...]

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Christine Balfa, Christine Balfa Plays the Triangle (Valcour)

On only the most moonless of nights deep in the Acadiana bayou, if on the unlikely chance you can get someone to point you in the right direction, if against all odds you can tread through the swamps without being nibbled to death by nutria and happen to stumble undetected toward just the right clearing [...]

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Doucet vs. Doucet?

Cheating! Well, the charge has come with a qualified “sort of,” so we’re not talking about steroids, term paper plagiarism or Florida politics. Unless someone is juicing the boudin, maybe. In any case, the term is being thrown around in a rather unlikely place these days: the competition for the second-ever Best Cajun/Zydeco Album Grammy [...]

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Who’s on Top?

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