The Amazing Nuns, Chicken Little Was Right (Independent)

Lafayette cult band the Amazing Nuns are practically a Hub City institution given their 17-year existence and 6-album discography. Ironically it wasn’t until 2014’s In Paradise that the Amazing Nuns admittedly hit their stride with the first of their color-themed covers depicting Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch’s highly interpretive macabre art. The Chicken Little title and the cover art implying mankind’s descent into the abyss aren’t part of any overarching theme but these 10 tracks do fit together like a glove. Justin Robinson’s intriguing compositions range from punk (“Keep an Eye Out”) to jangly sax-fueled rock (“Come Back (For Love)”) to melodious though lyrically cynical swamp pop (“Go Away”) with several tunes feeling like they just stepped out of an art flick soundtrack. Midway through, the Amazing Nuns ride a spooky groove that ultimately crests with “Chopper,” an intense track dealing with the chilling reality of dementia. “The Ghost” is probably the most surreal of this crafty lot, with xylophone-sounding riffs playing off of each other.

But don’t fret if the disc starts skipping three minutes into “Raindrops.” That was actually intentional, along with the slowed down, mushy vocals, as a nod to the cult genre vaporwave where invariably something is butchered in the mix as part of its art. It’s also an ingenious segue into a four-minute quasi-abstract sax solo that feels like an untethered astronaut drifting further and further into space. An adventurous listen that’s easily accessible.