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Leyla McCalla, The Capitalist Blues (Jazz Village)

Leyla McCalla’s third solo release The Capitalist Blues is remarkable in terms of ambition, scale, and realization. Whereas her first efforts focused on her solo work and small cello ensembles, […]

Warren Storm, Taking the World By Storm (APO Records)

At some point when Yvette Landry was writing her book Taking the World, by Storm—A Conversation with Warren Storm Schexnider, The Godfather of Swamp Pop, someone suggested a companion disc […]

Charlie Dennard, Melodias (Independent)

Dennard, a New Orleans pianist who nevertheless makes most of his living on the road with Cirque du Soleil, has put out a curious disc here. It’s an ECM-like album […]

Hanna Mignano Quartet, Hanna Mignano Quartet (Independent)

If you are in the mood for jazz manouche, you can set Peabody’s wayback machine to 1930’s Paris or just pop in the self-titled release from The Hanna Mignano Quartet. […]

In Business, Space Story (Independent)

If any cultural capital in the world could possibly reboot the adventures of the P-Funk mothership, the Crescent City would be it. Yet this sextet, already well-known for its stage […]

Frog and Henry, England 2019 / 2019 II (Independent)

Similar to the methods of Tuba Skinny, string and brass band Frog and Henry draw inspiration from the dawn of early recorded music, breathing new life into long-forgotten songs. On […]

The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies, Hot Boudin (Independent)

The swing music scene in New Orleans is in full swing, if you’ll pardon the play on words. As new bands continue to emerge especially on Frenchmen Street, sometimes it’s […]

Roadside Glorious, Brawn and Bone (Independent)

Roadside Glorious styles itself as a blues-rock group, but there’s a surprisingly strong soul element that lands them more on the side of swamp-rock. The result gives them a range […]

Georgi Petrov, Alien of Extraordinary Abilities (Breakfast for Dinner Records)

An “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities” is not a Grey with telekinesis or something like that, as jazz guitarist Georgi Petrov playfully alludes in the art for his second album; it’s […]

Feufollet, Prends Courage (Feufollet Records)

Christened after the boisterous garage rocker from Feufollet’s 2008 Cow Island Hop, Prends Courage marks the group’s 20th anniversary with 17 tracks culled from seven albums and a ’45’ with […]