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Natalie Mae, Run to You (Independent)

New Orleans, meet Natalie Mae. Now that you’ve been introduced, you need to get to know one another. Although she has been a part of the local music scene for […]

Bon Bon Vivant, Live at the New Orleans Jazz Museum (Gallatin Street Records)

What a fitting band to choose for the first album on the Gallatin Street Records label. Long before Storyville, the original place to go for sin and vice in New […]

Luke Winslow-King, Blue Mesa (Bloodshot Records)

Blue Mesa is a mature, reflective recording that should help garner Luke Winslow-King the recognition he truly deserves. Recorded in Lari, Italy, the record features guitar phenom Roberto Luti—if you […]

Tom McDermott, Podge-Hodge (Independent)

The evaporation of the music business has left a lot of recording artists flopping around outside of the original musiquarium, gasping for air. New Orleans musicians, without a music industry […]

Tuba Skinny, Nigel’s Dream (Independent)

Nigel’s Dream is the ninth album from Tuba Skinny. Recorded in December 2016, the band was unhappy with the sound quality and decided not to release it. Luckily for us, […]

Terence Blanchard, Live (Blue Note)

Trumpeter and composer Terence Blanchard continues the conversation on violence between law enforcement and African American citizens that he addressed musically and philosophically on his 2015 Grammy-nominated album Breathless. This […]

Johnny Sansone, Hopeland (Shortstack Records)

If you don’t already know who Johnny Sansone is, it’s high time you found out about him. Long known for his instrumental prowess, particularly on harmonica and accordion, Sansone has […]

Jasen Weaver, “The Voscoville” (Jasen Weaver Music)

The Voscoville is the instrumental jazz recording debut of rising local bass player Jasen Weaver, a mainstay of the city’s music scene since attending the New Orleans Center for Creative […]

Various Artists, “United Bakery Records Revue I” (United Bakery Records)

The first track of the United Bakery Records Revue is a gong—a 12-second fade in and out of a resonating brass “bonggg.” It served its purpose and drew my attention […]

Big Shoes, “Step On It!” (Independent)

The seven veteran Nashville and Muscle Shoals musicians in Big Shoes make it sound easy. Big Shoes features musicians who’ve performed with Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Taj Mahal, Etta James, […]