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A Town witout Music

Im on vacation in Las Vegas, a town without music. Music as art, anyway. In a sense, its everywhere , but its canned music as wallpaper, or shows where personality […]

Sam Butera Off the Record

  It was sad yesterday to hear of Sam Butera’s death, and sadder to do so in Las Vegas (where I’m on vacation) and not have anyone talking about it. […]

The Cutting Room Floor

There was one detail that I omitted from my story on Allen Toussaint in the current issue. In the piece, he talks about how much he works, but the thought […]

For the Love of Pete

  When Pete Seeger performed at Jazz Fest, much of the pre and post-appearance ink had to do with Seeger the live performer and Seeger the activist; little of it […]

Time for a New PR Firm?

  [Updated May 26] I just received this hype for Better Than Ezra’s CD-release party for Paper Empire at the House of Blues Friday night: Better Than Ezra Along with […]

State of the Culture Response

  There’s little to specifically address in Mayfield’s speech because it’s pretty hazy as a document. The general principle that the people and culture need to be at the center […]

State of the Culture

  Last Thursday, Irvin Mayfield delivered what was referred to as a State of the Culture speech to City Council. Here’s the text of his speech, but for those who […]

Two Good Nights

  It’s nice to have two good nights of unpredictable music in a row. Thursday night at the Ogden, Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts) performed as an […]

Error or Pet Peeve?

  In the Threadheads post, Chris Joseph writes that Threadhead will help Fatien Ensemble put out an album. At Jazz Fest, Fatien Ensemble was Ensemble Fatien. The question here is […]

Threadhead News

  Here’s an email update of Threadhead Records’ activities from the label’s Chris Joseph: To all: Threadhead Records (THR) has a few items we are very happy to announce: 1) […]