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Craig Seaman at Bar Frances

“It’s fun to think about a person as an influence as opposed to a spirit or a style of drink. Helen Gillet, I’ve seen her perform a bunch. She’s one […]

To the Bitter End

Chicory coffee runs in high doses through the bloodstreams of south Louisiana, and has for generations. Chicory may be considered a roadside weed in most places, but in New Orleans […]

The New Expressionism

What is she doing in there? A woman in her early twenties, brown hair, sitting in a parked car at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, with circular […]

Guy Gelso hits the Spot

[of Louisiana Music Hall of Fame rock band Zebra, from 1975] When did you eat here last? Someone just hired us to play our first wedding; two brothers from New […]

Adam Orzechowski/Trinity

“Most of my cocktails have a person in mind, in the background, but I’ve never created a cocktail for a musician before. This cocktail came about by me just playing […]

Beyond the Gulf

When a couple of oyster lovers walked into Seaworthy, the new sustainable seafood restaurant and oyster bar in the CBD, recently and ordered some raw bivalves from the East Coast, […]

Chris French hits the Spot

Of all the Vietnamese restaurants in New Orleans, why Pho Cam Ly? This is my first time here, actually. I’ve been at the hospital with my daughter who just had […]

Justin Gehrmann at Kingfish

“For this drink, I went with Buckwheat Zydeco. I love that front porch music. That sit­-down, laid­-back toe tapping. Naturally, I named my drink after something to do with the […]

Bar Stories: Local musicians report from the drinking front

New Orleans musicians, on average, spend lots of time in bars, both playing and drinking. Here, OffBeat serves up a dozen stories, shaken and stirred.   Salvatore Geloso, singer-songwriter/guitarist and […]

Richard Odell at Tujague’s

Richard Odell, bartender (RO): I’m Richard. Marc Paradis, musician (MP): That’s my middle name! RO: Dick in the middle. Got it. [laughs] Well, come on back here. Just remember that […]