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Sula Spirit, ‘A Journey Within’ (Independent)

World music lovers who know Janet “Sula” Evans from her work with the reggae vocal group Zion Trinity and Moyuba, the perennial Jazz and Heritage stage opener at Jazz Fest […]

Chris Lee Band, ‘Protest Songs and Party Anthems’ (Independent)

Often, the national music media pundits posit that rock ’n’ roll is dead—replaced on the charts by hip-hop, EDM and their derivatives. No one even plays or writes songs on […]

Sam Doores, Sam Doores (New West)

“Dust off this old piano (pronounced ‘piana’), because I’m too broke to leave Louisiana” is just one of the great lines you’ll hear listening to the joys, laments and reflections […]

Naughty Professor, Everyday Shredder (Independent)

Identity, the last album from New Orleans’ premier jazz-funk band Naughty Professor, was a sprawling, adventurous tour-de-force, which featured a who’s who of vocalists and MCs. Their latest effort, Everyday […]

Blato Zlato, In The Wake (Independent)

One thing that has not gone unnoticed in the age of streaming is the dearth of information about any given recording. For some forms of music (and for some listeners), […]

Dave Jordan, Burning Sage (Independent)

Let’s get this out of the way from the get-go. Dave Jordan has crafted a great album; perhaps the best of his long career as one of New Orleans’ foremost […]

The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies, Hot Boudin (Independent)

The swing music scene in New Orleans is in full swing, if you’ll pardon the play on words. As new bands continue to emerge especially on Frenchmen Street, sometimes it’s […]

Eyope, Elevation (Independent)

Eyope is an acronym for “elevate your own personal expression” and this new band’s debut EP, Elevation, is a statement of purpose for a new project led by multi-instrumentalist Evan […]

NOLA is Calling, “Sewing Machine Effects” (Independent)

If you think the Mardi Gras Indian traditionalists out there were upset when the Wild Magnolias went electric and added funky bass and drums to their hand percussion-based music (way […]

Spider Murphy’s Fatback Vipers, “Smells Like Salvation” (Independent)

Spider Murphy is a name I have seen and heard numerous times in local music listings, but besides the fact that he usually gigs on Bourbon Street, I was unaware […]