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My Music: Natasha “Nattie” Sanchez

My dad, [George Sanchez], is a writer, actor and director, and my mom was an actress, so I was always around theater, was on stage by kindergarten and did theater […]

My Music: Drummer Jarrel Allen

“I was born in New Orleans, grew up in the 9th Ward, some in the Lower 9th Ward in my early life but after Katrina and the flood I grew […]

Five Questions with trumpeter James Andrews

James Andrews, who appeared in a 2015 OffBeat cover story, will perform at the Treme Creole Gumbo Festival on November 16. Ahead of the gig, we spoke with him about […]

My Music: Jenna Guidry

“I was born in Raceland, Louisiana and have lived in New Orleans since I was a sophomore in high school; I’m 21 now. I had my first singing lessons when […]

An Intimate Evening at Luthjen’s

Marigny Studios and Julian Mutter are partnering to host “An Intimate Evening at Luthjen’s,” a tribute to the former historic Luthjen’s Dance Hall where jazz lovers danced, drank and convened […]

MY MUSIC: Jamie Lynn Vessels

“I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. My mom, just like her mom did for her and her five siblings, had me and my brother learn piano when I was […]

MY MUSIC: Carmela Rappazzo

“I was born in Albany but got out as soon as I could. I knew New York City was my thing because that’s where I had run always away to; […]

REWIND: Deadeye Dick, A Different Story (Ichiban)

Singer songwriter Caleb Guillotte presses rewind on Deadeye Dick’s gold-selling 1995 release A Different Story.   “Billy Landry had just joined on drums and his straight-ahead style fit well with […]

Rewind: Davis, The Once and Future DJ (Independent)

Davis Rogan hits REWIND to talk about his 2005 release The Once and Future DJ, which caught the attention of TV producers David Simon and Eric Overmyer and, in part, […]

Rewind: The Bluerunners, The Bluerunners (Island Records)

Rob Savoy hits Rewind for a look back at 1990’s The Bluerunners, which took the band from the bars of Lafayette to the pages of Rolling Stone. “We were playing the Maple Leaf. Tripp […]